EarMaster School 5

۱ سی‌دی
قیمت : ۱۵۰۰ تومان

قوی ترین برنامه تمرین گوش و سلفژ ! برای هر آهنگ ساز یا نوازنده ایی که کیفیت بالاتری برای خود می طلبد ، توصیه می شود

شامل موارد تمرینی زیر :

Interval singing

• Interval comparison

• Interval  identification

• Scale identification

• Chord identification

• Chord inversions  identification

• Chord progression  identification

• Rhythm dictation

• Rhythm reading

• Rhythm imitation

• Rhythm correction

• Melodic dictation


EarMaster School 5 is a perfect tool for music educators and schools teaching ear training at any level!

On top of all the features included in the PRO version, EarMaster School offers additional tools to create sets of lessons, manage classes and monitor your students’ results.
Discover the main features of EarMaster School further down on this page

For all musicians and music students!

Absolutely all musicians need ear training, so EarMaster has been developed to meet the needs of beginning musicians just as well as those of college students and professionals.

Sing or play your answers!

Plug a microphone or an electric instrument (e.g. guitar or bass) into your soundcard to sing, clap or play your answers!

Jazz ear training included!

Jazz and ear training go hand in hand. EarMaster 5 includes therefore a whole set of lessons dedicated to the specificities of Jazz music, including jazz chords and swing rhythms!

Dynamic on-screen interfaces!

Answer the questions using the visual interface of your choice: staff, piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, banjo, and most other stringed instruments.

Rhythm workshop!

EarMaster includes a series of interactive rhythm exerices to challenge your timing, tighten your future performances, and training you at memorizing and transcribing rhythmic patterns.

Answer questions with a MIDI instrument!

You can use most of the activities available in EarMaster with a MIDI controler, such as a MIDI keyboard, a MIDI drumpad, a MIDI Guitar, and more, for even more realism and interactivity.

Fixed-Do and Movable-Do Solfege available!

EarMaster is one of the very few programs that will allow you to train your ear using fixed- or movable-Do solfege, as several highly renowned music schools do!

Monitor your progress!

With the detailed statistics window of EarMaster, you will be able to monitor your progress lesson by lesson, day after day.

Recommended and used by music schools!

EarMaster is the favourite ear training program of a myriad of musicians, beginners as well as profesionals, but not only.
EarMaster School is used by a very large number of music schools at all level, from local associations to universities and national superior conservatories!