Izotope iDrum 1.7

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قیمت : ۱۵۰۰ تومان

درام ماشین مجازی خوش دست و کارا از Izotope


iDrum Version 1.7 is a customizable, expandable easy to use virtual drum machine that includes an enormous sound library and allows you to add your own sounds to get exactly the feel you want. iDrum can be used on its own or seamlessly with Garageband®, Logic®, Abelton® Live™, ProTools®, SONAR™, Cubase®, Digital Performer® and other host programs. You can even share your sounds and beats with iDrum Editions for the iPhone® and iPod® touch.

iDrum adds the missing ingredient to your computer recording studio: a powerful and easy to use drum machine. It’s just as simple to use as the hardware drum machines of yesterday and today with all the flexibility of a software-based virtual instrument.

iDrum will load AIFF or WAV sound files as drum samples, making iDrum’s sound palette limited only by your sonic imagination. You can even download more kits quickly and easily with iDrum Sound Portal.

iDrum also features an array of sound-shaping tools like filters, pitch control and envelopes, letting you transform drum sounds at the click of your mouse.

Make your own hip hop and dance beats
Create drum backing tracks for practice or recording
Use iDrum by itself or inside
GarageBand and other host programs
Over 500 drum and percussion samples—from classic beatbox kicks and snares to congas
Over 200 iDrum files, each with several pre-programmed patterns by some of the best programmers in the business—nearly 1,000 beats ready to go
Dozens of part presets—individual drum parts you can mix and match to create killer grooves, even if you’ve never touched a drum machine before!
Create rhythms in different time signatures – ۳/۴, ۵/۴, ۶/۸ and beyond
Several iDrum ‘skins’—customize iDrum’s appearance to your liking

New For Version 1.7
Easy song editing – Build beats and backing tracks faster than ever before
Over 50 new kits including live acoustic drums, hip hop sounds and more
Create rhythms in different time signatures – ۴/۴, ۳/۴, ۵/۴, ۶/۸, ۷/۸, ۹/۸ and beyond
Get more iDrum kits at the click of a button with iDrum Sound Portal
Share sounds with iDrum Edition for the iPhone® and iPod® touch – take your beats on the road!

System Requirements:
Mac OS X v10.4+ (Universal Binary – Intel OK)
512MB free RAM, CD-ROM

Windows XP (with SP2) /Vista (64-bit OK)
512MB free RAM, CD-ROM


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