Wizoo WizooVerb W2

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reverb فوق العاده حرفه ای استریو با ویژگی های بسیار قابل توجه و حاوی ۱۰۰ preset


A full-featured, value-priced reverb with incredible creative options and professional sound quality.

WizooVerb W2 is a completely new kind of true-stereo room emulator that greatly expands your creative use of reverb. Freely combine the realism of impulse-based reverb with the flexibility of algorithmic reverb.

WizooVerb W2 owes its incredible sound to the flexibility of combining separate editable reverb technologies, each of which is awesome in its own right. And where most “stereo” reverbs sum the channels right after the inputs, WizooVerb W2 is truly a stereo processor throughout.

High-Definition Impulse Response (HDIR)

WizooVerb W2′s exceptionally faithful reproductions of known acoustic spaces is possible thanks to HDIR (High-Definition Impulse Response), a Wizoo exclusive. Like IR, it basically works by sweeping a desired acoustic space with calibrated audio signals and capturing and convolving the ambient return to take the aural fingerprint of the room. HDIR brings extremely high definition to the process that refines the IR method, greatly improving the precision of the resulting reverb quality. WizooVerb W2 includes source models from 10 world-class recording and performance venues including Ambience, Booth, Cathedral, Chamber Large, Chamber Medium, Chamber Small, Church, Concert Hall, Dance Club, Opera House, Philharmonic Hall, Room Small, Scoring Stage, Studio Large, and Studio Small. A built-in graphic envelope control makes it easy to further sculpt these spaces.

Standard Impulse Response (IR)

Until the advent of HDIR, IR (Impulse Response) technology had been the leading standard for measuring, capturing, and reproducing the sound of actual acoustic spaces such as concert halls. WizooVerb W2 can import the wealth of standard third-party IR files in existence. Moreover, WizooVerb W2 can solve problems that plague many IR signals by trimming silence before the first impulse and removing the direct signal. As with HDIR, you can easily shape the imported IR spaces using a graphic envelope control.

Algorithmic Reverb

Wizoo’s proprietary A.I.R. technology brings you algorithmic reverb in the same package as HDIR and IR. Here you have complete control over parameters such as tail delay, room size, ambience, density, and color. A.I.R. gives you intimate control over your reverb sound from subtle adjustments to creating surreal spaces.

Mix and Match-The Best of Both Worlds

WizooVerb W2 allows you to choose between HDIR/IR and A.I.R. technologies separately for early reflections and reverb tail. For the ultimate realism, you might choose an HDIR model for the early reflections and fine-tune the reverb tail with the malleable algorithmic parameters offered by A.I.R. Of course, that’s just one permutation. The combination of HDIR, IR and A.I.R. make WizooVerb W2 the most flexible reverb ever developed. This processing gem brings your mixes breathtaking depth, density and spaciousness-and at an incredible value.

From Presets to Sound Design

Despite its sophistication, WizooVerb W2 is extremely simple to use. Start by choosing any of the 100 presets, either by name or category. You’ll find several common controls right up front for instant access to the most important parameters like size, pre-delay and time. Shape the overall frequency characteristics with the 4-band master EQ, change HDIR rooms, edit imported IR envelopes, and tweak the A.I.R. parameters. There are also 2 user-defined parameters giving you control over the parameters that are most important to your application. In other words, this is the one reverb that will take you everywhere from presets of the greatest spaces in the world to designing your own unique ambient environments.

Standalone or Host Operation

WizooVerb W2 works on both Windows and Mac platforms and can operate in standalone or host mode. In fact, it supports RTAS, VST 2.0 and Audio Units, making it compatible with most popular software.

Wizoo WizooVerb W2 Stereo Room Emulator Features:
High-end room emulation and creation with unprecedented quality, definition, clarity, and spatial accuracy
Freely combinable HDIR (High Definition Impulse Response) and A.I.R. algorithmic reverb technologies for early reflections and reverb tail
Exclusive HDIR technology with 10 models delivers unparalleled precision
A.I.R. algorithmic technology provides total creative control
Standalone or host operation-VST 2.0 (Windows/Mac), AU (Mac)
Includes 100 user-editable, categorized presets from high-end room emulations to completely surreal spaces
Imports IR audio files to access a virtually unlimited number of rooms
Graphic editing of imported IR files
Highly optimized CPU efficiency
True stereo technology accurately reflects the signal position, leaving the soundstage mix intact

A world-class processor that surpasses other software and hardware reverbs at an incredible price! Call or click to order now!