iZotope Trash

۱ سی‌دی
قیمت : ۲۰۰۰ تومان

امپ و کبینت و دیستورشن و کمپرسور مولتی باند و پست فیلتر ، Trash دیستورشن کننده ۶۴ بیتی است که بالای ۸۵ مدل کبینت و باکس و اسپیکر و همچنین بالای ۴۵ مدل دیستورشن و  overdrive  را مدل سازی کرده است.


Complete Amp, Cabinet and Stomp Box modeling tool
Intuitive design, features not available anywhere else
Multiband Compression, Distortion and Post-Filter

برای گوش دادن به دمو های این افکت دیوایس می توانید به لینک زیر مراجعه فرمائید :


Trash is a 64-bit spice rack of distortion. For guitarists recording direct, Trash provides over 85 box, cabinet and speaker models — ranging from standard amp classics to stacks to experimental designs. Combined with 45 overdrive and distortion models — 12AX7 tubes, 6L6 tubes, transistors, fuzz, rectifiers, and more — you can make Trash sound as good, bad, real or unreal as you want.

Trash goes beyond a typical “guitar amp simulator” effect, though. With multiband distortion, sweeping filters and emulations of classic delays it can be effectively applied to bass, vocals, drums as well.

Key features:
48 distortion types ranging from tube overdrive to the fuzz of germanium transistors. Chain pairs of distortions together for sonic destruction at 64-bit precision, or split the signal into multiple bands and apply distortion independently to individual frequencies.
Realistic modeling of 85 amp cabinets and speakers. Classics, combos, boutique models, stacks… a tone and character for any occasion.
36 filters that can be LFO or envelope triggered through a unique graphical display. Synth filters, resonant filters, classic analog filters and more.
Multiband dynamics and gating to control the peaks and tame the noise.
Trash the echo with a selection of classic lo-fi delays. Tape delay with saturation and nonlinear tape machine artifacts, tape-tube delay with added tube saturation modeling, classic analog delay with analog degradation and Lo-fi digital delay with quantization noise and aliasing.
History and Undo features, dedicated preset manager with dozens of drum, guitar and bass presets, spectrum and level meters, and DirectX automation