iZotope Spectron

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قیمت : ۲۰۰۰ تومان

نرم افزار مولتی افکت دارای افکت و ماژول های spectral morph و f il te r و pan و …


Type  : Multi FX

complete spectral effect toolbox
spectral morph, filter, pan, delay, and smear
warp, twist and shape your synths and samples
manipulate individual frequencies
immersive, easy to use graphic user interface

Morph module for vocoder-style spectral morphing with frequency-selective amount control
Spectral-based delay with independent delay and feedback control for each frequency band
Spectral-based stereo panning
Filter module for frequency-selective attenuation
Smear module including four independent delay lines with flanger-style LFO for smoothing the output of the Spectron Engine
Innovative interface allows for virtually unlimited sweeping and triggering options, includes advanced LFO settings with amplitude, frequency and pulse-width modulation


Spectron can create spectrally delayed signals with independent control over the delay and feedback of individual frequency bands. From ambient echoes to modulated buzzing, you’ll never look at a delay the same way again.

The Morph module lets you perform realtime spectral modification of one signal based on the spectrum of another signal. It can be a powerful tool for creating rhythmic textures, vocal effects, morphed synth sounds and more.
In normal effects, panning is pretty boring. Pan to the left, pan to the right — that’s about the extent of it. Spectral panning, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. With Spectron you can grab regions of frequencies, pan them, modulate them, or envelope trigger them. These examples show you some simple tricks you can perform easily with Spectron to put beats in various channel combinations.

Each of Spectron’s modules offers nearly unlimited possilbities on its own, but imagine what you can create when you start chaining modules together. Spectron makes it easy to combine modules, and here are some unique sounds created using several Spectron modules at once.

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