Spectrasonics Atmosphere

۶ سی‌دی
قیمت : ۶۷۵۰ تومان

مجموعه قوی و بی نظیر فضا و pad سازی و دارای سازهای بی شمار نمونه گیری شده از انواع سینتی سایزرهای معروف سخت افزاری و نرم افزارای و همینطور انبوه افکت ها سخت افزاری و نرم افزاری .


ابزار و سازهایی که در ساخت این مجموعه استفاده شده اند :

Hardware Synths:
Yamaha CS-80
Access Virus Indigo
Access Virus A
Access Virus B
Access Virus C
Studio Electronics modified Minimoog
Waldorf Q
Korg Z1 EVL
Korg Prophecy
Kawai K-5000 additive synth
Oberheim 4-voice SEM style analog synth
Roland Jupiter 8
Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter
Roland MKS-70 Super JX-10
Roland S-760 samplers
Roland S-770 sampler
Roland JD-800
Roland JD-990
Roland D-550
Roland JP-8000
Roland JV-90
Roland JV-1080
Roland JV-2080
Roland XV-5080
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
Waldorf Wave
Waldorf Microwave
Waldorf Microwave XT
PPG Wave 2.2
ARP String Ensemble

Soft Synths:
Propellerheads Maelstrom
U&I Metasynth
Emagic EXS24
Emagic ES-2
Audioease thOnk
Cycling ’74 PGS-1
Cycling ’74 Shape Synth
Rhizomatic ABsynth
Native Instruments ABsynth
Native Instruments B-4
Native Instruments Pro-52
Native Instruments Reaktor
Waldorf Attack
Waldorf PPG 2.V
reFX JunoX2
Rumpelrausch Taips ZR1
Steinberg Model E
Antares Kantos

Solo/Vintage Leads
70s Solo Synth
Capes and Knives
Classic Moog Lead
Complex Worm Lead
Groovy Resomoog
GX-1 Lead
GX-1 Sweepoid
JP Squares Solo
JP-8 Unison 5ths Lead
Lucky Lyles Lead
Lyles Two Voice
Modular Juice
Moogie Lead
Portahorn lead
Progresso Lead
RnB Triangle Lead
Sine Fifth Lead
Super Cheesy Synth Organ
Theremins Journey
Unison Wheezy Lead
Unisonic Lead
Vintage Moog Lead
Yogamatic Lead


Strings/Acoustic Hybrid Strings
Adagio Expressivo
Ambient Soft Tron
Cathedral String Orchestra
Clusterphonic Strings
Dark and Moody String Orchestra
Dream Tron
Dreamy String Orchestra
EQ Tron
Fast Legato String Section
Fat Triumph Strings
Filtered String Orchestra
Hollywood Studio String Section
Hybrid Warm String Section
Jupiter plus Real Strings
Lush Ambient String Orchestra
Lush Green Hybrid Strings
Massive Hybrid Strings
Sense of Reverance
Slow Motion Tron
Strings on Air
Washing in the Warmth

Strings/Analog Strings
Analog Bright Violins
Big Green Strings
Black and Blue Strings
Blue PWM Strings
Blue Triumph Pad
Chromachord Strings
CS-80 Marcato Strings
CS-80 Octave String Swell
CS-80 Strings
CS-80 Vibralush
Espresso CS String Stack
Greek Celli
JP-8 Detuned PWM Strings
JP-8 PWM Strings Chorus
JP-8 Sawtooth Strings
JP-8 String Machine
JX-10 Bright Strings
Luscious and Warm
Lush Pulse Strings
Magnetic Chamber Strings
Modern Vintage Strings
Phat Stringz
Prophet VS Strings
Pure VCO Strings
Slow Rush PWM
Symphonic Analog Strings
Symphonic PWM
The Greek Master
Thick Green Pad
Thick Green Virus
Violin Synth Sheen

Strings/Trilling Tricks
Granular Violin Trills
Trilling 4 GuyZZ
Trilling Strings
Trilling Tron


Sweeping/Filter Sweeps
Appearance Sweep
Blue Fizz Sweep
Cascading Filters
Classic Jupiter Resosweep
Cloud Burst Resonance Sweep
Constant Sweepers
CS-80 Morphing Filters
CS-80 Sweeper Crosspan
CS-80 Talk Filter Ekopad
Flitter Twitter
Formant Vox Sweeping
Hipass Vortex
HP Techno Fizzweeper
HPF Disappearing Sweep
Intense Sweep Organ
Juno 5th Sweeps
Jupiter 6 HPF Sweep
JX-10 Big Reso Sweep
Panscan Sweep
Power Rave Sweep
Simple Noizy Sweep
Sizzling Release
Super Euro Sweep
Supple Sweeps
Sweeet Sweeep
Sweep Juice
Trancey Sweep
Vocal Sweep
World Soul Sweep

Sweeping/Phase and Flange
Animated Cream
Cascade Flanger
Chink in the Armour
CS-80 Flange Ensemble
CS-80 Flanged PWM
Europeans Jet Flanger
Fat Air Pad Flanger
Flangey Analog Swell
Graintable Stereo Comber
Graintable Swirl Comber
Lush Phaser Stack Pad
Panner Flange
Phase Glasswell
Phase Stacker Flange
Poly Flanger
Rich Flanger Pad
Sizzling Flanger
Step Motion
Traveling Flange
Winded Sweeps

Apocolyptic Bass
Beefer Bass
Berry Rubbery Bass
Big Little Blip Bass
Boxy Moog
CS-80 PWM Res Bass
CS-80 Sine Bass
Deep FM Stereo Bass
Diving Piano Bass
Earth Drone Bass
Green Taurus Bass
Growler Moog Bass
JP8 PWM Bass
Jupiter Octoblaster
Kriminal Bass
Mergatroid Bass
Moog Pulse Bass
Nice Moog Bass
Not So Rough Bass
Notch Bass
Owie Zowie Bass
Plutonium Bass
Sharp Jupiter Bass
Sharpy Seq Bass
Sine Moog Bass
Skippys Big Bad Bass
Smooth Moog Bass
Snip Snapper Bass
Stateside Bass
Super Moog Bass
Trancey Bass
Vinyl Click Bass


Analog Authority
Analog Pizz
Attack Carpet
Bite and Pluck
Blade Runner CS-80
Blue Vortex
Clear as Day
CS Bendz
CS Octave PWM Plucks
CS-80 Clavisynth
CS-80 Quirky Filters
Eighties Oberheim Pluck
Eighties Reso Stack
Fat Fizz Face
Funky Clickmatic
JP Dolby Wobbles
JP-8 Sawtoothy Octavo
JP-8 Sharp Bright Saws
Jupiter 8 Gliders
Jupiter Plectra PWM
Jupiters Past and Present
JX-10 Saw Arps
Los Gordos Americanos
Lovely Arps
Mean Business
Memorymoog Virus
Muscle Synth
Obese Germans
Ol School Freak Fest
Percussion Squares
Polyphonic Minimoog
Scrittis Super Jupiter
Shimmering Koto Synth
Stuck in the Eighties
Super JX Octaver
Talking CS-80
Ultrasick Poly stack
Victorious Arps
Virus JP Poly1
Virus JP Poly2
Virus Poly plucked
Wet Diapers
Wide Poly Pluck

Analog Brass Vortex
Bad Ass Brass
Chroma Brass
CS-80 Octave Mourning
Eighties Scoop Brass
Juicy Brass
Jupiter 8 Brass
Jupiter Horn Pad
LA Air Brass
Oberheimy Brass
Polymoog Blatt
Polymoog Dream Brass
See Through Brass
Triumph Horns
UK Brasstrings
Wide Load Brass

Andys Bow Tie
Electro Mechanical FM
Fizzy Glass Grains
Indian Circuits
Magnetic VP
Sitar Encased in Glass
The Mighty VS
Wavetable Plucker
Wolfgang Swell
World Soul Resonance

5th Pluck ala Dave Stewart
CS-80 Cross Panner 5ths
CS-80 Fifth PWM
Dream Frontiers
Full Fifths
Glass Bender Fifths
Gleaming Glass
Progressive PPG 5ths
Prophet Warm Fifth
Super 5ths
The Main Chord
Vectorized 5th Bells
Vibrasines 4ths
Vorganic Fifths

Cathedral Pad
Cathedral Spires
Cathedral Wheel sweep
Chorus Organ Pad
Crystal Pipes
Digi Church Pad
Digital Pipes Pad
Greenhouse Cathedral
Human Steam Organ
Old Creaker Organ
RS-09 Chorus Organ
Sacred Heart
Soft Drawbar Pad

Blinking in Berlin
Club Ready
CS-80 Seq Cycle
CS-80 Tek Seq
Early Ravers
Epic Trance
Fists of Fury
Graintable Arps
Graintable Seq
Juno Trance X
Juno Trance Y
Juno TranSeq
Jupiter Hoover
Let GO of Me
Love Parade
Magic Sequencer
Magnetic String Pluck
No Shrinking Violet
Seq ye Arp
Super Casio Seq
Techno Ricochet
The Hook
The Rise and Fall of Analog
The Sinker
Throaty Bass Box
Time Ticks on
Trance Chords
Trance X
TranZ Jupiter
Ultrasick Blip
Urgent Synergy
Vivid Vibrato
Wanky Euros
Wobble Seq
X-Men Attack
Xtra Organ Perc
Zap Glass

A Major Grammophone
Dark Blossom
My Old Soul
Romeo and Juliet
Romeo Leslie
Satellite Circus
Satellite Orbit
Somber Soul
Static Rainbow
Vinyl Frontier
Vinyl Heroes
Vinyl Summation


Wave Utility/Basic Waveforms

Wave Utility/Clicks
Clicks Various
Urei Click

Wave Utility/Noise Generator
Pink Noise
White Noise

Wave Utility/Test Tones 0db -LOUD
100 Hz Test Tone 0db
1000 Hz Test Tone 0db
10000 Hz Test Tone 0db
20-20khz Sweep 0db
Pink Noise 0db

Wave Utility/Tuning Tones
Tuning Tone A 440 Hz
Tuning Tone A 442 Hz
Two Pop Sync Tone

برای دیدن نمونه فایل های صوتی می توانید به سایت اصلی محصول مراجعه کنید : http://www.spectrasonics.net/instruments/atmosphere/demos.html